The evolvement of technology and how it becomes more and more an inevitable part of our daily life cannot be ignored and so goes for the health care industry, as well. Believing in using technology in the most appropriate way, we have developed our very own Electronic Health Card Network, along with our own Healthcare Data Management system. Tested and proven we continue to develop a more innovative way of continuing better service, easier usage and faster response time, while maintaining the accuracy of our results. Making sure that MediLink is surely a name you can trust.

          MediLink’s very own system lets you check eligibility and manage claims online in real time. This also allows you to view the data via online report from anywhere at any time. This easy access allows MediLink card holders to access different types of services at any EDC Terminal with MediLink software installed; once the card is swiped, in 15 seconds or less the results are delivered.

        MediLink developed its own Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS) as a tool to provide a complete and accurate handling of claims management. This software that is regularly updated focuses primarily on flexibility in handling different plans, policies, benefits and everything else that supports the changing needs of our clientele. MediLink health card is:

            • Secured and trusted health card recognized by over 200 hospitals nationwide.
            • Thai National ID ready
            • Electronic online eligibility verification and real-time confirmation of benefits.
            • 24/7 Online real time tracking.
            • Data processing is fast, accurate and secure.
            • Delivering the highest standard of service with the latest state-of-the-art technology Our card can be customized to meet your every need.

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