Life comes with unpredictability and there is a risk in every step that we take. Our Emergency Assistance Service (EAS) is a necessary tool in minimizing this risk. Through our very own EAS you will be provided with everything you need from issuing letters of guarantee, coordinating transport services to make certain that you are given immediate care and taken to the appropriate facility at a precise and timely manner to save your life. Time wasted could be a life lost and we value your life as our own.

             Covered emergency services:
                 • Evacuation/repatriation with highly qualified medical team that can travel worldwide.
                 • International transportation standard: air ambulance, ground ambulance, speed boat and helicopter transfers.
                 • 24/7 Multi-language operation that can communicate with various mediums to suit your need.
                 • Medical monitoring and management, wherever country you travel to.
                 • In the event of an untimely demise we also can facilitate the transport of mortal remains to the country where interment will be done.
                 • Flexible programs tailored and suited as your need arises.

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