Once in a while, most of us will be faced with difficult and unavoidable circumstances in life. In times of crisis, the quality or advice can be a choice between life and death. We, at MediLink value this choice, and our Medical Second Opinion service provides you with the information you need to ultimately make the right decision in the predicament you are facing.

       Our MSO program provides second opinion to patients from world-leading medical institutes, furnished with the latest innovations in the healthcare industry that can cater to all fields of medicine. The objective is to provide the most current and accurate information in every health issue presented for a second opinion.

           Patients with life-threatening or life-altering illnesses, indicated in the “Qualifying Medical Conditions” list, remain in our priority of servicing with a Medical Second Opinion at their request. We select, coordinate and communicate with world-leading healthcare providers that can convey their analysis, based on your specific signs, symptoms and diagnoses.

           Providing reliable information and opinion from world renowned medical experts for important decision making is the primary goal of MediLink’s Medical Second Opinion

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