There are times when travelling is not an option, or maybe not a desirable one, with limitation of transport or time, our Doctor On-Call service is available to assist you. If deemed necessary, our Doctor On-Call can travel to where you are and provide you with the care you need; recommend your transfer to a higher level of care as the need arises.

             MediLink is armed with an array of medical service personnel, from doctors, nurses and emergency assistance individuals that cover all major districts of Thailand nationwide. Emergency assistance will be at your door, to serve you suitably for the required help you seek.

              •   Emergency: Our 24 hour call service dispatches the emergency crew, comprised of a medical doctor and a team of highly trained emergency respondent personnel, to the patient’s location for immediate medical treatment and transfer to the hospital.
                 •    General Health check-up: We can arrange an on-site/at home visit by a qualified medical doctor, who can provide medical advice and device a follow-up program appropriate for the assessment and diagnoses.
                 •   Referral Service: Medical consultation from a qualified medical physician who will help determine the specialist needed by the patient to treat the ailment. Setting up the appointment with the indicated doctor and/or facilitating hospital admission with the top hospitals.

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