So the saying goes, “A sound mind, makes a sound body,” staying fit and eating a well-balanced meal is the basis of healthy living. Routine check-ups provide you with an annual assessment of your overall health status. Having procedures necessary to achieve the optimum level of health should be done in a timely manner to stay in the healthy range at all times. Medical tourism, while providing routine evaluations also provide services such as arthroscopies, cardio-thoracic and neuro-muscular, restorative procedures that can put you back in shape and keep you healthy. Under our Medical Tourism program is a full package that covers the recovery phase of your treatment after hospital care has been exhausted. In our facilities you can rest, relax and achieve 100% recovery while still being continuously monitored by our medical team.

           Our medical tourism program is crafted by well renowned experts in the field and health recovery professionals both locally and internationally. In the package is a full healthcare experience equipped to give you the best and qualified treatment covered by proficient tour operators and healthcare professionals. What it covers:

                • Routine Health & Medical Check-up for diagnostic and prophylactic treatments.
                • All types of arthroscopy
                • Cardio-thoracic Surgeries
                • Cosmetic Surgeries
                • Neuro-muscular surgeries
                • Dental treatments
                • Trip planner
                • Guarantee for hospitalization, hotel accommodation including air tickets and land transfers.
          You name it and we got it. Your full recovery is our business.

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